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March 2016

For Lotte, who wrote:

Hi Hilary, I love the Casson Family books. I have been trying to download Rose's Blog to my kindle but amazon australia doesn't have it listed. Is it available for download outside the UK please? Love from Lotte

Hi Lotte, yes I'm sure is available to download anywhere, but you may have to sign up to Amazon. uk to do it. Please let me know if you have more problems and I will get it fixed, love Hilary

For Robyn, who wrote:

 Dear Hillary, My name is robyn and I am seven years old and live in Dublin. I love the book you wrote called lulu and the dog from the sea. We found it in an english bookshop when on holidays in lanzarotte last summer and I loved it..what a find! Do you recommend any other books that you have written? You are my most favourite author of them all and you really have a great imagination when you write your books and I would like to write books as good as yours someday. Are there any other books about Lulu and Sam? Keep up the good writing Many thanks Robyn 

Dear Robyn,

I am really pleased that you like the Lulu books, but what an unusual place to find them! I am happy to tell you that there are six more Lulu books with Sam in, and another eight about Lulu and her friend Charlie. A lot of them are in Irish libraries, so you could get them from there if you did not want to buy them. I am sure if you asked the children's librarian she would be able to help you.

How brilliant to be your favourite author! Thank you, and happy reading, love Hilary

For Bjarne, who wrote:

 Dear Hilary, my name is Bjarne. I am a 9 years old boy, live in Dresden, Germany and read a lot. In the public library I found your book titled „Charlie and Cat Flap“. I couldn’t say why I thought it was boring at first. However, after reading the first pages it was so funny and thrilling that I read it twice running. Now I am going to introduce it in the school this week. Additionally I am going to tell something about the author of course. May I ask you some questions, please? How many books are in your private library? And how much time do you spend for reading books? Is it rather easy or exhausting to write a book? Are you going to publish the next episode of Charlie? I am looking forward to it. I am very glad that you became an author. And I didn’t want to make the same mistake not writing to my favorite one. Warmest wishes, Bjarne.


Dear Bjarne, thank you very much for your letter, and many congratulations on your wonderful English! I wish that I could write German half so well.

I am delighted to hear that you liked Charlie- there are quite a few books in that series that you might be able to find in your library. I am also very pleased to hear that you are a library user. I love libraries!

Now then, your questions:

I have never counted the books in my house, but I suppose there must be a few thousand, since there are bookcases in almost every room. I have written more than eighty books myself, and eight of them were Charlie books. New books come into this house all the time, for research as well as just plain reading, but luckily I do also manage to give books away to schools and charities. I spend a lot of time reading books, two or three hours a day at least. 

Exhausting is a good word for writing! Sometimes it really does feel like very hard work, almost as if you had to drag the words from the air one by one, and hammer them on to the paper. But other times it is lovely, like being with friends and listening to their stories and jokes, only the friends are the characters. When it is like that I am very glad I became an author. I am also very glad when I get letters and messages like yours, Bjarne, so thank you very, very much. I hope all goes well at school next week, and I hope you have a lovely Easter holiday.

Love, Hilary

To all the people who asked for Rose's Blog to be restored. It is now available as a free ebook, so I hope you are pleased!

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